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The history of perfume dates back to antiquity, when the Egyptians and Greeks burned essences to take advantage of their aromas and to honor gods and deities. Today, perfumery has a whole new place in our daily life.
Ajpassion is an online sales site for European perfumes from very big brands. * Delivery to your home is free in all countries of the European community. The products reach you within 3-4 working days.
We accompany you throughout the year to select the best perfumes, for you ladies, for you gentlemen, even for the youngest. For your regular use, for moments with festive characters, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day and other events ... or simply to offer; what as great a pleasure as to offer a perfume .
Let yourself be surprised by a branded perfume and leave an unforgettable memory of your passage by wearing this 100% authentic perfume. Its unique composition enhances a fragrance in your image. Discover our 100% authentic products without delay!

The variations of the perfume
Do you prefer a tenacious perfume for an event, more discreet for a particular day? Perfumers offer different formulas for each fragrance.
The most noble is the extract or perfume .
It contains 30% of concentrate consisting of essences and aromatic oils, diluted in very pure alcohol at 96 °.
A few drops on the skin diffuse their scents for several hours.
L 'eau de parfum or parfum de toilette is a generalized product and the most used. Its names are varied, each more poetic than the next: perfume heart, perfume flower, perfume spirit, perfume silk.
It is less concentrated in aromatic substances than the perfume of which it is the reflection (10 at 20% in general), the eau de parfum is a solution in alcohol at 90 °.
Eau de toilette is more discreet and lighter and leaves a trail fresh. With generally less than 10% of concentrate, it is prepared in alcohol at 90 °.
Very often, the fresh notes of the formula of a perfume are amplified in the eau de toilette, without affecting the overall tone.
Colognes and refreshing waters have a lower concentration rate. These are lightly scented lotions with fresh and natural scents, such as lavender, lemon and rose. Aromatic compounds do not exceed 8%. Some of these waters use 85% alcohol
before and after shave lotions are often part of a men's line that also includes an eau de toilette and an eau de Cologne.